Turbulent times


Opening speech in ETMU-Days, October 26, 2017.


Dear all participants of the ETMU-Days,

We live in turbulent times.


when Neo-Nazis are walking in the streets of Europe,

when refugees seeking asylum are seen as human cargo, and not as human beings,

when hate speech is becoming a standard,

when young men from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia are securitized,

when in the media Allahu Akbar indexes terrorism rather than a peaceful pray,

when social class positioning is bound up with language, place of origin, and skin color,

when some people are more equal than others,

when some people are considered illegal rather than undocumented because of political will,

when history repeats itself.


when multidisciplinary research is needed in order to re-analyse the societies we live in.

Today we have gathered together to discuss issues dealing with race, power, and mobilities. “Race” is linguistically, culturally, socially and societally loaded concept. By choosing this very topic we aim to critically unpack the meanings of race instead of enforcing presupposed beliefs about it. Thank you all presenters in ETMU-Days, who have taken the initiative and discuss different aspects of racialization.

Vi hoppas, att ni alla har givande ETMU-dagar, inspirerande diskussioner, har möjligheter att lära från varandra. Teman i ETMU-dagarna är viktig i alla Nordiska länderna. Vi forskare har mycket att göra och ge när man tänker om antirasistiskt arbete och hur man bör förändra samhällsinstitutioner så att de inte reproducerar strukturell diskriminering.

On behalf of the organisers, we want to welcome you all to ETMU Days.

Tervetuloa – Välkommen – Welcome!